Herman Van Elsacker — 2013-03-16
This works great. Since yesterday, I haven’t received any spam at all, apart from a few unsolicited newsletters. Before Scrollout, it was all watches, manager positions, stock, viagra and Russian women in my mailbox. Dozens per day. Now nothing more. Great work.
Mike Charming — 2013-03-15
This one looks really cool!!!
eholotius — 2013-03-13
great server for protecting mail correspondence
Besmir Zanaj — 2013-03-13
a very good product
Adrian — 2013-02-12
Nice and simple.
Jim Vrancken — 2013-01-23
Before Scrollout we had 400-500 spam mails per day, now no more than 10. I’m very happy with this service
Nick Lezdomin — 2013-01-15
Used this email server some time ago, it works!
PalMac — 2012-12-19
Scrollout F1 is fantastic, easy configurable, usefull AntiSpam solution consist with high strong backbone tools and very nice frontend. Many thanks for your work on this solution.
Kaleb — 2012-12-16
good job scrollout
OpenID User — 2012-11-23
Fast to configure and deploy, it works good for my needs.
Reto — 2012-11-16
Works like a charm! The setup is efficient. The results are very good! Thanks for the excellent work!
Alberto Ernestini — 2012-11-08
Scrollout is a very easy to setup antispam/filtering solution. Is powerful and works like a charm! Two installations of it as replacement of another antispam of two well known software house and both works perfect , spam is absolutely defeated! Also thanks to the developer for his kind and prompt support.
Max — 2012-10-26
very easy to use
peric0 — 2012-10-19
Buena herramienta, a funcionado muy bien, facil de instalar y configurar. Gracias.
OpenID User — 2012-10-14
works as advertised. Many Thanks to the developer.
Simon Loiselle — 2012-09-30
Processed more than 80K emails last weeks. Very few false positive. Offers amazing support.
andrewgwilson — 2012-09-15
Scrollout is an amazing piece of software. I was looking for an easy way to DKIM sign outgoing mail and Scrollout fits the bill perfectly. Over the past few months the team has been immensely helpful with all my questions and has even implemented some of the my suggestions into their software. I highly recommend anyone looking for an email gateway, firewall or DKIM signer to check this software out! Scrollout takes the complexity of email security and bundles it into a nice, easy to use appliance. 5/5 stars!
logan moore — 2012-09-12
scrollout is small and works nicely