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FAQ The most common questions


What is the impact of Scrollout on my existing infrastructure?
Scrollout provides email protection as a gateway. There is no software needed to be installed on your servers. Therefor, our gateway is compatible with any existing Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS,… environment. Mails from your existing domains will be rerouted through Scrollout. If mail passes the anti-spam and ant-virus checks, the mail will be forwarded to your existing server(s). If mail is detected as spam or contains potential viruses, the message will be deleted or forwarded to your quarantine mailbox (see below)
What do I have to change to reroute mail for my domain via Scrollout?
Every domain is hosted with a DNS zone. This DNS zone contains important information like the location (IP) of your website, subdomains, nameserver records, and MX records that point to your mail server who is responsible to handle incoming mail. The only thing you need to do to profit of the power of Scrollout, is changing the MX record(s) in your DNS zone to the ones you receive from us after your order has been validated. Below is an image of the mail flow after the changes are implemented.
Red = The sender ; Blue = Scrollout Infrastructure ; Green = Your mail server


Does implementing Scrollout means downtime or lost email during the change process?
No. Not at all. Since your changing MX records to a new gateway, and your old gateway remains valid, mails are either send to your original gateway or our spam gateway during the replication of the DNS change. Also, when you sign up, you will receive a list of MX records you need to add to your DNS zone. The last item of these records is your original MX record which guarantees you the delivery of emails, even if we encounter infrastructure or network interruption.
What is the minimum contract duration?
Since we are offering software is as service, we don’t request commitments. You can cancel your service any month, but it has to be at least 10 days before the renewal date. If you received a discount by choosing to pay once per year, we can’t refund you for unused months. The yearly payment should also be cancelled 10 days before its renewal date
How do I cancel my contract?
Easy. Just send us an email to with your name and domain name(s). We don’t ask any questions. Remind that you have to change the MX records of your domain(s) to the initial configuration in order to keep receiving email.